Nazareth Child Care Center During COVID-19

Nazareth is a joint initiative of Brit Olam – International Volunteering and Development  (an Israeli international development voluntary organization) and Nagenda International Academy for Art and Design (NIAAD) in Uganda as part of their commitment and willingness to attend to the needs of the wider community of the village of Namulanda in Uganda.

There are 107 children at this program. Since the outbreak of COVID 19 disease in Uganda and after lockdown was imposed to contain the spread of the disease, all the children were sent home to their families. While at home, our teachers continued to reach the children and invite them to a learning center within the community. They gather in reasonably small numbers of about 5-7 in order to observe COVID 19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Children are divided in groups and the teaching is done in shifts.

Since March our children and their families also receive relief food supplies from TOPAZ under a program, Corona Operation 2020, under a theme “Do Not Abandon Them”.Through this program, they receive food such as sugar, Posho, beans; and non-food items such as soap. On some occasions and when the resources are enough to provide, they receive cash given to them directly by our country director and with the help of teachers. The cash is to help them buy essential commodities they lack.