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International volunteering is defined as ‘individuals offering their services willingly, without financial gain, to make a contribution to a community in a developing country’. It includes both short and long- term assignments. International volunteering is increasingly popular with people of all ages, from young people on gap years, to older people taking a sabbatical or in retirement. Volunteering, particularly over longer periods and using specialist skills, may be seen as being a part of development work. Volunteering overseas now encompasses an extensive and varied range of tasks, projects, programmers and organizations. In practical terms this variety makes it challenging to make a meaningful comparison between the vast array of options in order to can gauge which are making a genuine difference, and/or which are most suitable for you. You can find in Brit Olam placements working in teaching, community development, medical care, agriculture, working with children, sports coaching, arts disaster relief and other areas. Glance at our activities


Improve International Movement of Professional Voluntarism Visit our official website Mission and Activities IMPROVEs mission is to recruit each year thousands of volunteers from industrialized countries, professionals in their fields from a variety of areas as well as nonprofessional and young…