The Nazareth kindergarten educates over 30 children between the ages of 3-6 each year. The kindergarten, which is managed by local staff and supported by volunteers, serves as a source of education and enriches the children’s development. It also provides the children with adequate nourishment and scholarships to continue their education in primary school, thus giving them a basic foundation for a better future and an alternative to wandering the streets or risking their lives while accompanying their parents to work in the local quarry.

011.jpgNazareth is a joint initiative between Brit OlamInternational Volunteering and Development and Nagenda International for Art and Design (NIAAD) in Uganda as part of their commitment and willingness to attend to the needs of the wider community of the village of Namulanda in Uganda. Brit Olam’s volunteers noticed a need among dozens of the community’s children for an educational framework. Together with the students of Muse Uganda (an Arts Education Program for disadvantaged Youth developed by Brit Olam) and local NIAAD staff they founded the kindergarten and brought it to life at the end of 2011.