Avital Banai

AvitalAvital Banai joined Brit Olam in 2007 with a strong belief in the organization’s mission statement and values: practicing Tikkun Olam and promoting the value of volunteerism in Israeli society and abroad. Avital’s empathy to these values, together with her encounter with African asylum seekers in Israel, made her connection with Brit Olam only natural. She has since been an active volunteer in the organization and serves as a Board Member.

Avital developed the Hagar and Miriam program and has been managing it for the past six years since she brought it to life. The program provides pregnant women and their families from the refugee and asylum seekers community in Israel center with guidance, counseling and support during their pregnancy, birth and after-birth. The program is currently one of the leading relief programs among this community in Israel.

As manager of this innovative program, Avital has acquired extensive knowledge and experience working with the refugee and asylum seeker community and has built an impressive network of volunteers that allows the program to operate.

Avital holds a B.Ed diploma in early childhood special education from the Kibbutzim Seminar in Tel Aviv and works as a nursery school teacher at Wizo.