IME - Volunteer in Uganda

Brit Olam – Topaz Volunteering Application

  • Thank you for expressing your desire and willingness to volunteer at Brit Olam – Topaz and/or in one of its Initiatives.
  • As part of volunteering in Brit Olam – Topaz, you are offered a unique volunteering experience that entails both giving and receiving in order to adapt your aspirations, abilities, and desires in the best way to the possibilities of volunteering in Brit Olam – Topaz.
  • As part of the recruitment process, new volunteers are invited to participate in orientation sessions or a training course. 
  • Upon admission of a new volunteer to Brit Olam – Topaz, you will be requested to fill in a volunteer agreement. If you participate in activity abroad, you will be asked to comply with Topaz’s overseas volunteering procedures.
  • Many of Brit Olam – Topaz s volunteer programs are based on extensive professional knowledge and experience and are often conducted in professional partnerships with first-rate local partners and organizations. Brit Olam – Topaz works to provide its volunteers with interesting and satisfying activity frameworks and supplies professional support and guidance during field activities.
  • Filling in the form does not constitute an obligation on the part of the volunteer or on the part of Brit Olam – Topaz to maintain a voluntary relationship between the parties. Still, it comprises a first step in engaging the volunteers.
Brit Olam – Topaz volunteer’s management team
General Information
Volunteering at Brit Olam – Topaz in Israel requires between 2 and 4 hours per week, as well as participation in a monthly training/enrichment session. For certain positions (especially leadership positions), the scope and nature of volunteering will be determined jointly with the volunteer .
Volunteering abroad is, generally speaking, around 30-40 hours per week).
Brit Olam – Topaz maintains full confidentiality of all personal information provided by volunteer candidates.

Israeli Medicine on the Equator – IME program has been running since 2005. The project operates in the Kiboga district, one of the poorest districts in Uganda, located 120km northwest of the capital city Kampala. IME is based on voluntary medical teams, typically a group of 3-5 doctors and nurses who have undergone training and are volunteering for approximately three months or more. The project offers medical care at the Kiboga district hospital and the surrounding primary health centers and rural communities. Israeli medical volunteer teams, doctors and nurses, provide medical care along with teaching hospital staff. The program’s aim is to make a lasting effect on primary care and disease prevention and implementing a non- communicable disease program (N.C.D.’s). In Uganda, they work with the local medical personnel to provide medical care across the district. Over the years, more than 180 Israeli and international medical staff have volunteered to improve healthcare delivery and standards in rural Uganda. It is a unique project in the Israeli development landscape, with its emphasis on sustainable capacity building of local communities. The program is operated in collaboration with various bodies, e.g., Kiboga district health authorities, the Uganda Ministry of Health, and the Israeli Medical Association. IME is managed by a voluntary board in Israel, made up primarily of graduates of the program. In addition, a part-time coordinator in Israel coordinates the various logistics and fundraising activities of the projects. Topaz is planning to open a new medical center in Masaka, West Uganda. The program is based on similar principles as the Kiboga model – mobilizing volunteers to support a district hospital in the region. It will also include volunteers who will also work in schools and communities in the district in the fields of community health, hygiene, etc.