Muse International (Under Development)

Muse International is an international art and leadership educational program offering refugee youth a unique chance to acquire a wide range of artistic and leadership skills. The four-year program is a joint venture of Inspiration, Topaz, Brit Olam, and NIAAD

Based on the successes of the Muse Uganda program, it will now be expanded to refugees above the age of 18 living in and being hosted by Uganda. The majority of the refugees in Uganda today are from countries such as: Somalia, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Prior to the four-year program, a two-year pilot will be initiated in September 2021. The pilot will consist of one year of intensive studies in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship and enable young professional artists to expand their expertise. The second year will be dedicated to field work during which the now entrepreneurs, with the support of Muse International, will establish social enterprises and put theory into action. 

At Muse Uganda, I learned that people care for me. Staff members helped me to get a job and start my project. Now I like
to print and make jewelry projects like bangles, necklaces and earrings.
(Nakakembo Kaggoa, Fashion Designer)