AFAAYO Scholarship Program During COVID-19

The children on the AFAAYO scholarship program, just like Nazareth, receive relief support in varies forms- from food, to medicine and medical supplies and up to financial donation under the program “Do Not Abandon Them” since March. Through this program, they receive food such as sugar, bread and beans; and sanitation items such as soap . On some occasions and when the resources are enough to provide, they receive financial aid to help them directly by our country director and with the help of teachers. The money was used to help them buy essential commodities they lack.

Our volunteers also talk to the parents and children about good sanitation and hygiene practices and remind them of precautionary measures to prevent the corona virus disease; washing hands with soap frequently, wearing masks in public places, sanitizing surfaces and door handles at homes, etc.

Between October and December, four (4) of the children who are in candidate classes were able to receive school fees and resume school to complete the final term-Kasasa Ibrahim (Senior 6), Mutesasiira Ashiraf (primary 7), Tumusime Bright (primary 7) and Kalanzi Eric (primary 7). While they were in school, our volunteers continued to meet with the 8 of the children who remained home and reach out to them to deliver relief assistance.

Children on the AFAAYO scholarship are raised by equally poor parents and guardians. They basically rely on agriculture and small income generating activities (trading food items, riding boda-boda, doing laundry and cooking in schools). The children are in good health, none of them has had any health problems since March when the lockdown was imposed.

If you wish to read more about the AFAAYO program- please contact us.