Sponsor’s FAQ’s

What does your sponsor child get?

  • Personal wellbeing and healthy life achieved through your funds.
  • An opportunity to get an education- a contributing factor in making their world more secure, sustainable and interdependent.
  • Encouraging letters, photos and packages you choose to send them.
  •  An opportunity to receive letters from you; and knowing that you think and care for them.

What do you get when you sponsor a child?

  • Welcome package with a child photo and information.
  • Your first letter from your child (within about 12 weeks).
  • Every 3 months- child photo and updates.
  • Annual progress reports from your child’s community, which grants the opportunity to see the child’s progress and growth.
  • Complimentary greeting cards to send to your child.
  • The pleasure of knowing that you are truly making a difference in the child’s world.
  • An online My Brit Olam account where you can email your child, send extra gifts, and see the latest photos, videos, and community updates.
  • The life-changing opportunity to visit your sponsored child.

What happens with my 36$ a month?

As a child sponsor, you are directly connected to the child you choose to be associated with. However, your donation does not go directly to the child’s family, but preferably utilized in the best way for him. Therefore, your monthly donation is being  used in the child sponsorship program as we unite all the donations in order to develop community programs that will encourage your child and all other children to evolve in the best way, with the help of good education, health system, clean water and food for all.

How does child sponsorship work?

Brit Olam child sponsorship program focus on improving the health, education, social and overall well-being of children in ‘Nazareth’ Child Care Center.
Once you decide to sponsor a child, you will get a welcome letter from us at Brit Olam and from you child. Local staff will let your child and his family know you adopted him as your sponsored child, and together you can start building a better future for them.
Each child is matched with only one sponsor. This one-on-one connection is the best way to ensure you fulfill your moral and ethical commitment in our world.
You can celebrate your joint journey with your child by exchanging letter, pictures and information about his progress and day to day life; and even come and visit him, if you wish. All of these will allow you learn that your generous support matters and is changing a children’s lives. 

Can I be in contact with my sponsorship child?

You are always welcome to contact your sponsored child! With our local team, you will be able to exchange letters, pictures and additional information about the improvement of your sponsored child.

Why Brit Olam?

  • The vision of Brit Olam is to encourage social responsibility to make a real change in the world. We aim to develop a sustainable community at this sponsorship program and empower children who will grow to a brighter, more independent future.
  • We focus on child development: We increase the value of your contribution by joining it with others and ensuring that the entire ‘Nazareth’ Child Center Care will evolve in the best way for your child and others
  •  Brit Olan is a non-profit, transparent organization that encourages you, our donors, to see exactly how your funds are being used. In addition, we are operating for the past 20 years, presenting maximum effectiveness and showing results on various projects. For more information, please feel free to look at Who we are sector.

How long is my sponsorship commitment?

We try to ensure that each child will have the same donor throughout their schooling. This allows for personal connections between the child and the sponsor, and lets the donor monitor the child’s progress and the impact the project has had on their lives. We encourage contact as long as the child is at ‘Nazareth’ Child Care Center.. Fulfilling your commitment allows you to see your child and the community’s development, thus implementing your moral and ethical mission in our world.

Donors will receive periodic updates and personal correspondence from the child throughout the school year. This includes termly reports from the schools with exam results and comments on progress from teachers, updates regarding the child’s family and personal circumstances, photos of the child and letters and drawings addressed to the donor.

From time to time, sadly sometimes children leave our program for various reasons. If so, you can always transfer the funding to another child in need, thus continuing helping other children in need at this community. 
While we hope to see you grow and develop alongside your child, we understand that circumstances sometime change. So, there is an option to leave the sponsorship program at any time.

How can I choose a child?

Here at Brit Olam, we help you decide which child need you the most. So, we encourage you to choose a class that seems right for you, and give you all the possible information you will need to help you decide. After you choose your class, you will be matched with a child from that age group. You will get the child’s picture and information, and later on you may also be in contact with your sponsored child and know his/her progress, so that the special bond between you two can be build.

If you still have any questions, please Contact us.