Carmel Forest Fire Disaster Relief

  On December 2, 2010 a forest fire  in the Mount Carmel, south of Haifa quickly spread consuming thousands of acres of forest. The deadly fire claimed 44 lives and forced evacuation of the more than 17,000 people from nearby communities and resulting in coniderable environemental damage and propert damage. Natan and members of its coalition sent out emergency teams to the support center set up at Hof Hacarmel to give immediate releif and and psycho social aid to the victims of the fire. Moshe Farhi and Eitan Shahar, Natan’s team members provided the region’s educational teams and municipality staff with psycho-social support during the disaster and the following days. This support focused on empowering victim’s resilience and self efficiency and in reducing trauma. Carmel2Dealing with the fire’s aftermath, Natan’s chairperson, Henry Elkallasy lead and supported the rehabilitation of the Yemin Ord youth village that was demolished by the fire.