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Who We Are


Brit Olam – International Volunteering and Development is an Israeli public association established in 2005. Our activities include community-based development programs to reduce poverty and vulnerability in developing countries, as well as relief and rehabilitation projects in states of humanitarian crises.

Drawing on Israeli expertise in the fields of community development, health, arts and education, agriculture and others, Brit Olam’s volunteers develop programs for disadvantaged communities around the world, providing them with relevant knowledge and skills so they can create a better future for themselves. With the help and expertise of professional and non-professional volunteers, Brit Olam helps disadvantaged communities to develop and become independent and sustainable, unreliant on external aid.

Our activities include training and dispatching volunteers from Israel and from the Jewish world to development projects worldwide; initiating and operating model programs in the fields of education, community health and agriculture in developing countries; relief aid and rehabilitation programs for communities stricken by natural or manmade disasters; and more.

Brit Olam’s programs are operated jointly with local and international development organizations.