Two Israeli Doctors Already in Nepal To Help Earthquake Survivors

On Saturday April 25 2015, an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 devastated areas surrounding Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu. The death toll has already reached the thousands, with tens of thousands injured and made homeless.

NATAN – International Humanitarian Aid is committed to immediately launch “Operation Nepal”, a series of delegations of Israeli volunteers who will go to Nepal to assist the local populations to recover and rebuild their lives following the devastation.

Two Israeli doctors, Dalia and Sharon, have already arrived in Kathmandu and have begun to assess the situation on the ground. They will be backed up in the next few days by a first mission of professional volunteers who will provide first line post-trauma support to the victims, and together with local partners assess the needs of the population in order to draw up a detailed action plan for further assistance. This first mission will include health professionals (including pediatric health), post trauma specialists and logisticians.

We are currently looking for volunteers – both in Israel to help with the logistics and professionals in a range of fields who are willing to travel to Nepal.

If you are interested in assisting please contact us on