Depart from evil, and do good. seek peace, and pursue it.

Some impressions from the tours, lectures and meetings of the mission in Uganda.

Seven sessions that included Miramba, IIA, Ten Center (formerly Brit Ten) Nazareth Day Center, Affayo Graduate Program (which filled us with real pride when one of our students announced that he intends to study medicine after graduating from high school in about two years) – We met with most scholarship student’s parents and our Angela. An oppressive tour of Nozimi’s slam (mostly refugees from across Africa) and refugees, and in the evening an instructive meeting with Victoria, who was previously a senior executive at the Ministry of Health in South Sudan.

From there we continued to a slam of refugees from Rwanda and Sudan on the outskirts of Kampala, Kisenyi, where we had an interesting meeting at the local church with some of the community leaders trying to make a difference and help children and families, women and girls living on the streets and prostitution and many rape farms.

We learned from them about the important activities they do and explained to them the need for community development including integrated community development, the need for local leadership, the need to join forces to create change, the importance of learning and implementing change and more.