International Movement of Professional Voluntarism

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IMPROVEs mission is to recruit each year thousands of volunteers from industrialized countries, professionals in their fields from a variety of areas as well as nonprofessional and young volunteers who will work together, in joint action, in dealing with social and community challenges and needs in Israel, overseas and in non-industrialized countries.

IMPROVE advancing its operations through inter-organizational and inter-sectorial cooperation in four different fields of activity:

  1. In Israel (The PRO-VOIS program).
  2. In developed (OECD) countries (a network of IMPROVE centers).
  3. In developing countries, (a network of BRIT centers).
  4. In weak Jewish communities (The AMIUT program)

The IMPROVE movement is based on an extremely experienced platform of Topaz – Enhancing Civil Society and operates by means of its supplementary non-profit organizations – Brit Olam –International Volunteering and Development and Inspiration – Arts for Humanity. For close to twenty years these non-profit organizations have designated to under industrialized  countries and to disaster-stricken countries thousands of volunteers, professionals from the health, education, social care and disaster relief, community development,  agriculture, arts, management and other sectors. In addition to these thousands of volunteers, Topaz mobilizes each year hundreds of volunteers in Israel in its various enterprises.

The overall goal of IMPROVE is to develop and operate an Israeli-global volunteer movement based on universal humanitarian values and contribute to the accomplishment of the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) approved by the nations of the world.

Four essential objectives derive from the overall goal:

To recruit, place and mange professional volunteers in the international arena, by applying a multilateral approach:
  1. To recruit, train, place and support volunteers that arrive in Israel from industrialized countries, in a wide variety of organizations and educational, welfare, health, society, cultural and environmental, art and technology, research and development institutions, as well as a variety of organizations for social change in Israel.
  2. To mobilize annually hundreds of Israeli volunteers to industrialized countries, especially to civil society organizations in these countries, sharing Israeli knowledge and expertise in the social, industrial, economic and development fields.
  3. To recruit every year hundreds and thousands of volunteers, professionals in their own fields, from the designated industrialized countries (IMPROVE communities), for activity in Israel and for interacted activity with Israelis in non-industrialized (developing) countries.

    To promote and improve the role of Israel in the international arena, and help position the Israeli society as a contributing and dedicated society which aids international development and supports humanitarian projects:
  1. To promote, expand and deepen the Israeli activity in the international development arena, and to take active and significant part in dealing with the global challenges set by the world governments and the UN for the years 2016-2030.
  2. To export, by means of professional volunteers, unique Israeli knowledge, expertise and experience in diversified fields, and adjusting this knowledge to the local needs in various communities in the developing countries.
  3. To provide, by means of the volunteers, a framework for reciprocal learning, exchange of knowledge and human capital between Israel and the countries where the IMPROVE communities are located.
  4. To form a basis for inter-cultural conversing among a wide variety of people from various countries worldwide, around matters such as volunteering, giving, strengthening civil society and more.
  5. To fight, by means of the volunteers, against movements and trends that deny the existence of The State of Israel, and those acting to de-legitimize The State of Israel as a democratic state of the Jewish people, commitment to equality, freedom, and well-being of all citizens.
  6. To promote Israeli lay leadership dedicated international giving and development.
 To tighten the sense of Jewish solidarity between the diaspora and Israel:
  1. To strengthen the reciprocal relations between Israel and Jewish communities in the Diaspora through joint voluntary action by individuals, groups, organizations and communities from Israel and the Diaspora.
  2. To work jointly with Israeli society and Jewish communities to raise awareness of the values of Tikkun Olam, and its importance as a central element of Jewish Peoplehood.
  3. To form a shared basis for international humanitarian voluntary work for Israeli youth and Jewish youth from the diaspora, and to expose the Jewish communities to the Israeli society.
  4. To support and facilitate the accessibility of volunteering opportunities for Israeli youth from the periphery communities and young people from North America who have a low affinity for Jewish identity and connection with the State of Israel.
  5. To integrate Jewish movements and organizations, and specifically student organizations and professional organizations, in promoting IMPROVE and implementing its programs.
To contribute to the development of the society, economy and quality of life in Israel:
  1. To recruit from developed countries professional, high-quality human capital, as volunteers, and to invest in educational, health, welfare, cultural and community projects in Israel.
  2. To create interest by exposing the State of Israel to a large public of volunteers from abroad and to promote investments in Israel as a center of excellence in international development, to encourage the acquisition of knowledge and services, and to invest resources in Israeli organizations and institutions.
  3. To harness the Israeli government, the Israeli economy and industry, and Israeli civil society to achieve the goals and objectives of the global development plans for the years 2016-2030, and to benefit from the economic fruits that will be derived from this operator.