Keren Stern

Keren has been an active volunteer and member of the Executive Committee of Brit Olam since 2009, and currently manages the scholarship program for graduates of Nazareth, a kindergarten established by the organization in Uganda.

Keren holds a BA in History and Politics from the University of Manchester and an MA in Government, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

In addition to several professional positions in the private sector, Keren has interned in the UN Political Affairs Department in New York and was responsible for managing donors at the Peres Center for Peace, the leading coexistence organization in Israel.

She is a mother of two young boys and currently a Web programmer at Via Transportation.

Sailas OkwairwothTopaz-Brit Olam Uganda Director

Sailas comes from Pakwach, Uganda. Holds a BA in Development Studies (first class honors) and a Master of Public Health from Uganda Christian University (UCU). He volunteered at UCU as a teaching assistant (tutor) and participated in several academic research projects, including a study of Gender Based Violence and Safe Motherhoods by the World Health Organization (WHO). He has had several international engagements including participating in global leadership conferences in the United States and in Germany. From these opportunities, Sailas won grants and used them to develop and implement community service projects in his community. In June and November 2020, Sailas featured as one of the speakers at a purpose earth event during the global peace movement in USA. He is currently the Country director at Topaz Uganda, coordinates all the local activities of Topaz Brit Olam in Uganda and provides day-to-day administrative and managerial assistance to the different projects in Uganda and supports the development of the organization.

Sailas is committed to working with any development intervention that targets community empowerment, health, and justice, building a democratic society, peace, unity and sustainable development. He wants to transform lives of the underprivileged youths, families, mothers and children.

Yuri Ratomski

For the past decade, Yuri has been involved in the developing economic and social projects for local municipalities and various organizations In Israel. Former project manager of Bat-Yam’s Economic Development Company and current Development Manager of Urban Renovation Dept. at S-Molcho, he contributes rich experience to the field of Social Entrepreneurship aiming to “Lead to a society in which individuals have equal access and opportunities in sports”. For the past three years he runs an experimental evolving project dedicated to this goal.

Yuri holds a bachelor’s and a master’s in Government Administration and Public Policy from Tel Aviv University.

Avital Banai Granot

Avital Has been a member of Brit-Olam and Topaz since 2007. She managed the organization’s volunteers at that time, and was the entrepreneur and manager of the “Hagar & Miriam – African and Israeli Women in Friendship and Motherhood” program between the years 2008-2015. This program accompanied asylum seeking women in Israel through their pregnancies, births and postnatal stages, to provide them with accessibility  to health care and information regarding women’s healthcare. It included teenage girls and torture and trafficking  victims. 

Avital was a board member of Topaz at the years 2009-2011, and was a member of Brit-Olam’s board and the Board of Natan from the years 2010/2011-2017. Now Avital in part of Brit-Olam’s Executive Committee.

Avital Has a B.Ed in the field of early childhood special education. She was a kindergarten teacher in kindergartens both under the ministry of education and Wizo afternoon child care facilities.