Topaz for Civil Society works in the social and public sphere to ensure that Israeli society, with all its institutions, organizations and possibilities, provides quality social, educational and cultural and civil services and equality for all its citizens. Topaz believes that Israeli society must also be awake and sensitive to global and universal needs and problems. A society that preserves and promotes the civil, social and cultural rights of every person and every citizen. A company that harnesses, harnesses and contributes.
Topaz advances its goals and realizes its values ​​through a unique model of entrepreneurship and social innovation, within which a wide range of programs and ventures are developed, both infrastructure and service ventures. This model extends and consolidates civil society in Israel by harnessing volunteer leadership groups alongside field volunteers in its diverse projects.

Inspiration – Arts for Humanity Movement (initiated in 2011):  Inspiration’s Vision is to cultivate art as a catalyst for effective social change. Its mission is to instill artists and social activists with the tools needed to translate their talent into a measurable impact on the world’s most pressing social challenges. Inspiration stands on the foundation of three central pillars: Education: Training students from around the world to develop their art as a vehicle for high impact social change. Knowledge: Building the foundation for social change by developing methodologies, providing knowledge accessibility, organizing conferences and workshops, and connecting similar-minded individuals and organizations. Practice: Creating programs that inspire, educate, motivate, and cultivate the next generation to become social artists and entrepreneurs.  Inspiration’s communities host artists on the spearhead of social change and train them to become inspirational leaders. Inspiration connects nations and cultures, artists and youngsters, faiths, and languages. Inspiration’s vision is deep-rooted in the universal language of art and can promote peace, camaraderie, and dialogue between communities.

Improve is a social and professional volunteer movement that mobilizes skilled volunteers from all fields and occupations. It is based on notions of cultural pluralism, community capacity building, and full offering of humanitarian care – among individuals, states, and communities. The movement is driven by basic principles drawn from Jewish and Israeli ethics and traditions – principles of sharing with others, mutual reciprocity, and “Tikkun Olam,” the commitment to transform the world into a better place for everyone. The activities of IMPROVE are anchored in the universal values of human love, brotherhood, and solidarity, embedded in a deep commitment to friendship and peace between people and nations. IMPROVE revolves around four core principles, which complement and enhance one another: Voluntarism; Universal Human, Social and Economic Rights; Multiculturalism, and Humanitarian Care. These four moral values codify IMPROVE’s deep rotted duty to provide care and support to disadvantaged communities and marginalized people wherever they are. IMPROVE‘s mission is to recruit each year thousands of volunteers from industrialized countries, professionals in their fields from a variety of areas, as well as non-professional and young volunteers. They will work together in joint action to deal with social and community challenges and needs in Israel, overseas, and in non-industrialized countries. IMPROVE advances its operations through inter-organizational and inter-sectoral cooperation in four different fields of activity: a. in Israel (The PRO-VOIS program), b. in developed (OECD) countries (a network of IMPROVE centers), c. in developing countries (a network of BRIT centers), d. in weak Jewish communities (The AMIUT program).

IGI - Israel Global Initiative

The Israel Global Initiative (I.G.I.) was launched in 2015 to research, showcase, and advocate for a greater presence and impact of Israeli expertise in international development. Our vision is for Israeli know-how in a range of fields – such as intensive agriculture, emergency medicine, rural development, and immigration absorption– to be recognized globally for its value in helping countries to accelerate their development. 

The U.N. General Assembly convened in September 2015 with the participation of more than 150 world leaders. It approved the second phase of the Global Sustainable Development Plan for 2016-2030 (The Sustainable Development Goals – S.D.G.’s).

Natan – International Humanitarian Aid was initiated by Brit Olam, Topaz, and The Humanitarian Foundation of the Kibbutz Movement during 2008 and was managed and operated by Brit Olam – until it became an independent C.S.O. during 2016. To date, Natan is an Israeli-based, all-volunteer, non-profit organization, which provides emergency relief and recovery following both natural and man-made disasters worldwide; expert in medical, dental, psychosocial, and education aid.

Shalom Corps mission is to empower a global Jewish volunteer network involved in meaningful and significant volunteerism that engages participants in Jewish service-learning experiences. We believe that authentic, needs-driven service can have a transformative impact on vulnerable populations worldwide and on young Jews looking to make a difference.

Shalom Corps Ltd. is a non-profit organization established by Mosaic United (a collaborative program of the Government of Israel and the Ministry of the Diaspora) and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

The Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design (NIAAD) was founded in 2003 by Dr. Kizito Maria Kasule as a self-sustaining institution where Ugandan youth  hone their creative and entrepreneurial skills. The NIAAD’s location on the edge of Lake Victoria, provides a lush backdrop for students, instructors and volunteers to be inspired and promote local arts and craft techniques as well as to learn cutting edge design technology.

SBI has been Brit Olam’s strategic partner in the development of IME (Israeli Medicine on the equator) for the last decade.